Inaugural APOIS Symposium

The 1stInaugural APOIS Symposium 2018 took place in the 34thAsia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology Congress in Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Bangkok,  Thailiand on March 7, 2019. The program details are as below:

Inaugural APOIS Symposium: Ocular Imaging in 2020 and in 20-Year Time

Chairs: Tien Yin Wong, Ki Ho Park, Carol Cheung

Inaugural Ceremony Welcome Speech — Prof Tien Yin Wong

GOH Speech: How will Ocular Imaging Evolve in the Next 20 years? — Dr Srinivas Sadda

Ceremony & photo shoot (5 min)

Prof Ki Ho Park (Korea) Wide Field Imaging: Now & Future
Dr Pearse Keane (Ireland) OCT-angiography: Now & Future
Dr Gemmy Cheung (Singapore) Swept-source OCT: Now & Future
Dr Jay Chhablani (India) Choroidal Imaging: Now & Future
Prof Christopher Leung (Hong Kong) Anterior Segment OCT: Now & Future
Dr Jin Yuan (China) Corneal imaging: Now & Future
Dr Yoshiaki Yasuno (Japan) Multi-functional OCT: Now & Future
Prof Neil Bressler (US) Major OCT Lessons from DRCR.Net
Prof Mingguang He (Australia) AI in Ocular Imaging: Now & Future
Panel Discussion